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Yan value of the explosion of the socks stock shoes, ancestors step on it!

Ordinary people in the eyes of the fashion circle has been a mystery: Yue Chou Yue fashion. Before the LV show field with the Spring Festival woven bags, after the hippies are under armour sale the favorite Buchan slippers. Look at the eyes of ordinary people is the truth I understand, but this thing really what ugly ah! Fashion if everyone understands that it is not really fashionable. Throughout the fashion of a single product, at first glance to fall in love with the amazing, the second fell in love with the name of the anti-look, resistance to see the long and long past, can be called the classic. In fact, outsiders are often the mouth of the suspects straightforward, mouth scolding ugly, but the day icon tide who wear out of the last magazine or street shooting, those who would have been crying a single product and pleasing to the eye.

Coconut shoes red through the whole day, a unique design, so that shoes are handsome tone! Put on this pair of shoes or maybe you are this year's fashionable example Oh! ! This year's ultra-popular with a white and green-based color of a small white shoes, shoes, wear well, friends around are very fond of, including Xiaobian own online shopping a pair of Oh! ! This is definitely less necessary this summer, the date of artifact Oh! under armour shoes Greatly welcomed by netizens, not only very breathable, very comfortable to wear, and the price is also very cheap, is very much netizens feel very high price of a Korean shoes Oh! ! under armour sale This year is a very popular sandals, many gods are wearing it, trendy design style and Velcro's convenience is its biggest feature, summer and girlfriend dating when shopping, it is not only handsome and breathable Girlfriend shopping will not feel tired! !