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What is the height of the heel? Is the height of the heel healthy?

The height of the heel, most of the definitions are about 3 - 5 cm high. This heel height is comfortable and smooth when walking. Heeling shoes and OL style LOOK match has become a perfect match, the able and mature interpretation of natural and in place. Heeled shoes are under armour womens shoes healthier than heels. Because heels are best at a height of 3 cm, wearing more than 6 cm of heels can increase the burden on the cheekbones and knees, and muscles in the calf, back, etc. are very prone to fatigue. If the heel is higher than 6-8 cm, your body's center of gravity will move naturally when walking. A study found that if you wear 7cm high heels and walk for 2 hours, under armour shoes the neck stiffness will increase by 22%, and health experts usually do not recommend long-term computer face OL wear 6-8cm high heels, this will only make you The neck is getting tired! In general, choose the right heel to make under armour discount you beautiful and healthy.

For a long time, heel shoes have been considered to be the most beneficial to health, and have no adverse effects, and heels become a distinct two poles. In the footwear industry, it is regarded as a golden rule, designers as far as possible to make their products meet the medium and the standard, in order to sell well. Consumers often choose heel shoes for health reasons. Moreover, heels and high-heeled shoes under armour discount can be worn in the same way.