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What is the difference between under armour womens shoes running shoes and sports shoes?

From the elementary school physical education class to outdoor sports at work, we all know that we should wear sports shoes when we are in sports. This will make it easier. When running, we should wear running shoes to relieve the pressure on the feet and legs. This argument has been so popular and correct, but Xiao Bian thinks that many people have the same doubts as themselves. "What is the difference between running shoes and sports shoes?" Running is also a type of exercise. Why not wear sports shoes? Running under armour sale shoes?

Sports shoes, as the name implies, refer to shoes worn during fitness or competitive sports. It can meet people's various needs and ensure that their feet can play their basic functions in sports. Sports are divided into competitive sports and fitness sports as well as leisure sports and recreational sports. No matter what kind of sports, you need to put on shoes with protective effect and improve the effect of sports. In fact, sports shoes is a general concept. Running shoes is a kind of sports under armour discount shoes. In addition, hiking shoes, travel shoes, basketball shoes, etc. can be called sports shoes.

Running shoes, as the name suggests, refer to shoes that are worn by running, and specifically refer to shoes that are most suitable for running. At present, there are tens of thousands of brands of running shoes. According to different performances and applicable groups, running shoes can be roughly divided into three types: shock-absorbing running shoes, stable running shoes, and motion-controlled running shoes.

Running shoes can be divided into three categories: providing shock absorption, providing stability, and providing motion control. The shock-absorbing running shoes usually have a softer sandwich sole, and the auxiliary foot is evenly stressed during exercise to help the foot absorb shock. Shoes are usually lighter and have relatively poor stability. A running shoe that provides stability. The sole usually has a column with uniform force or a sandwich structure on the inside. These special designs can prevent injuries caused by excessive valgus of the foot and provide good support and endurance for the inner edge of the foot. Running shoes that provide motion control are usually hard. They can reduce or control excessive inversion of the foot and prevent ankle injuries. These running shoes usually weigh more than other running shoes. In general, the inner layer is a pillar with uniform force to control the internal rotation of the foot, and the laminated sole provides durability; the outer layer of rubber is more wear-resistant.

We can imagine running shoes as a spring. cheap under armour When we run, we need to use one thing instead of the cartilage structure of the knee to absorb the impact. This task is the suspension technology of running shoes. It can bear some of the deformation that the knee cartilage originally had to bear for these materials, and the work on the knees will be less. Running shoes is not to make us run faster, but to make us run without injury. This is the meaning of running shoes.

From this point of view, the concept of sports shoes is still somewhat large only for ordinary wear and not suitable for specific sports, but in fact there are different types of running shoes for our specialized running sports, and the protection of the body is more fully. Xiao Bian suggested that if you want to run, then you still have to buy a special fit running shoes!