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Walking - how to get out of the effect

Whether it is morning or evening, but where the air environment is better, we can often see a lot of people walking, in fact, walking is also a movement, this moderate movement on the importance of health is self-evident. But while walking has become a habit, but in this ordinary matter, but not everyone has played a very good effect. Xiaobian today to tell you how to walk out of the effect of walking. Method one: arms swing as far as possible

In the course of walking, most people droop their arms, just a slight swing, walking without the under armour discount spirit. But in fact, walking fitness first to move up the whole body. And the whole body to move up, we must rely under armour discount on arms swing.

Correct practice: the greater the effect of swing arm better

First let the arm and the upper arm at right angles, chest up, swing as large as possible. The faster the swing, the faster the pace, the better the fitness effect, the premise is physical to allow. Walk as far as possible to choose soft road, such as movement in the plastic road, more than half of the impact will be plastic absorption, which can protect the ankle and so on. Walkers should choose soft road movement. Shoes to be soft and light to observe those who walk after dinner under armour sale exercise can be found, the Pacers wear shoes are varied, some people wearing sports shoes, and even professional running shoes, but some women are wearing boat shoes, with the shoes, And some people even wearing shoes, sandals out, that anyway, just walk it, do not need to do too much preparation. In fact, not any shoes are suitable for walking for the purpose of fitness to wear, if found to always muscle soreness, that is, wearing shoes is not appropriate. Walking exercise all ages, easy, safe and effective. Of course, if you want to exercise effect is obvious, then the intensity of the movement must also be achieved.