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This is the season of wearing a happy shoe, you still wear small white shoes?

Season is under armour discount the season for changing the closet, but do not forget the closet at the same time do not forget the shoe ah. Autumn and winter shoe cabinet essential shoes, cotton shoes, cotton boots you have prepared a few pairs of it? I am afraid that even my sandals are not willing to throw it, to remind you of the change, and today we start from the popular music shoes this year, to see the favorite remember to start with Oh! under armour shoes Classic horse button element Le Fu shoes, shoes on the horse slippery smooth glossy, very significant grade, full of texture, like the horse title deduction Le Fu shoes girls do not miss. This shoe is done in accordance with the Asian foot type Oh, version is very suitable for us. Shoes along the exquisite Italian carved, and the toe unique opening belt, making shoes very temperament. Pointed design soft side of the neutral shape, adding a little feminine. Help face the use of waxing color of the sheepskin, with a little luster, very texture. The tassel design on the shoes is very appealing. Tassels always give a vivid impression, tassel elements so that the pace of walking has become lively. Soft leather, feel scratched delicate. High water platform, so that rain can also have a light pace.

Metal elements are often used in shoes elements, used in the patent leather shoes are also very suitable, side deduction gives a formal feeling, yet elegant. Zhuo Shi Ni this shoe insoles and soles, the use under armour sale of a soft material, put it comfortable to have a sense of walking. When the pearl and shoes meet, that is an elegant. This shoe uppers inlaid with large pearls, and unique gray pattern patent leather upper with cheap under armour elegant and full. After the gang can step on the foot, and how to think about how to shape convex. Shoes bronze metal round buckle design, with red and black ribbon, thick retro charm. Shoes inside and insoles use pig skin material, delicate soft, breathable comfortable, wearing a very good sense. The highlight of the shoes is the sheep suede fabric, unique gloss, soft touch, candy nude color, a touch of winter in the beautiful. The whole shoe is also fried chicken soft Oh, but the sole plus steel hook heart, do not be afraid to wear for a long time will be deformed.