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The Role of Sports Knee Pads

The knee joint is the center where the upper and lower leg bones meet. There are meniscus at the two ends and the sacrum behind. The sacrum is stretched by two muscles. Before floating in the junction of the leg bones, it slides very casually. In normal life, it is not subject to external forces. There is no violent activity, so the cheekbones can be used in the normal subcategories in under armour womens shoes the knee area. Because of the excessive pressure exerted on the knees by the mountain climbing activities and the violent activities in the mountain climbing, the patella is easily moved away from the original site, causing knee joint diseases. With knee pads, the patella can move in an absolutely fluctuating position to ensure that it is not damaged. The above is a mild measure to protect the knee when there is no knee injury. After a knee injury, using a heavily braced knee can reduce the bending of the knee, keeping it in a straight line from the thigh to the calf and reducing the knee's Curved, so that the knee no longer aggravate the condition.

The most vulnerable to knee injury is the fragile knee

The human knee joint is a heavy weight-bearing joint that carries almost all the weight of the body. Only at the moment we lie down, the knees are relaxed. In addition, it is under pressure all the time. When standing and walking, the weight of the knee is 1 to 2 times of the weight, 3 to 4 times when going up and down the stairs, 4 times when running, 6 times when playing, and 8 times when you and your wife.

The knee is also the most commonly injured joint in the sport. According to the report of the American Association of Sports Medicine and Plastic Surgery, about 3 million people in the United States annually strain, contusion, or sprain their knees, about half of which are due to exercise. The report also pointed out that people who participate in tennis, football and skiing are the most vulnerable to knee injuries. When playing tennis, you need to reverse, stop and start suddenly. Especially for serve, you need to push the quadriceps of the knee to make a strong upward push, which can easily lead to knee injury. Tennis player Nadal's knees have been plagued by tendinitis, medical experts believe, this is related to his high intensity training and competition in the hard court.

Run jumper easy to knee injury swimming knee pads

Special care should be taken to protect the knee during running, jumping, and throwing. Especially for people over 40 years old, the balance force under armour discount is reduced, and the muscle strength is not strong. The relatively violent movements such as running, jumping, and throwing require a lot of knee activities, such as turnaround jump shots in basketball, emergency stop jump shots, and slightly no Be cautious about injury. Injury is caused by injuries to the tarsal ligament just above the knee and under armour discount to the lateral iliac crest. This is a knee injury and can be gradually restored by resting and applying under armour sale anti-inflammatory drugs; severely, it may cause tearing of the anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments and damage to the meniscus. Go to the hospital for treatment and it is difficult to recover.

Although some sports can easily cause knee injuries, they should not be deterred. On the one hand, one should strengthen self-protection. For those who do not exercise regularly, it is necessary to follow a gradual and orderly approach and pay attention to strength. Wear knee pads for longer periods of exercise. On the other hand, it strengthens the leg muscles through exercise. Such as swimming, cycling or boating, these exercises are healthy and do not oppress the knee. Swimming has the least weight on the knee and is the most ideal form of exercise for knee injuries. In the United States, water aerobics is the most popular sport because it greatly reduces the weight of the knee and reduces the chance of knee injury.

Strengthen the muscles around the knee

In addition to choosing the right type of exercise, strengthening the muscle strength around the knee can also prevent knee injuries. Because muscle is an important support structure, the stronger the muscles are, the more powerful the joints are, and the knees are more able to withstand stress. In addition, increasing hip muscle strength can reduce the risk of knee injuries. If the muscles in the buttocks are underdeveloped, there is no guarantee that the body will return to the correct position when performing movements, and the knee joints are also prone to injury.

Here are a few exercises to exercise the muscles around the knee:

Exercise the quadriceps The muscles in front of the thighs. Sit on the floor and straighten your knees forward; place a towel roll under the knees in the depression; tighten your knees for at least 30 seconds and then relax. Repeat this tension and relaxation process 25 times.

Exercising after the leg excluding the quadriceps, do not ignore the thighs behind the thighs. The muscles in these two parts are balanced to strengthen the knees. Prone, the chin touches the ground, weights at the ankle, bends his knees, slowly lifts the calf off the ground, descends slowly, and rests when he has not touched the ground. The three groups are repeated in this way, and the number of each group is determined by the individual (also depending on the weight of the weight).

Lift your legs and sit down against the wall, and padded a pillow in the recess of the back (sitting against the wall will make the leg muscles easy to lift, and this way of leg lift will not cause back pain). After sitting, shrink the knee as described above, counting from 1 to 5; then lift the foot off the ground, vacant, counting from 1 to 5; then place the foot back to the ground and relax, counting from 1 to 5. Do this in three groups, each with 10 lifts.