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Summer new shoes hooked tide men's fashion sense

The boys on the street, wearing a variety of styles and innovative shoes. In addition to the style is very eye-catching and very personal, the classic canvas or leather, white and black also brought a strong youthful atmosphere, so very popular male favorite. Whether it is hot in recent years, minimalist design, or the same eye-catching models, can bring back your interest in fashion. With the summer atmosphere is getting stronger, the streets sunny, this time to highlight the cool sports wind breathable shoes should be a common with a single product. Timeless classic white and retro style of fusion, but to create a young attitude. If you are uncomfortable in the old shoes, may need a sports wind and trendy design combination of shoes, temperament and deep white running shoes has become a trend on behalf of. So, even in the daily streets, boys can also appreciate the charm of fashion.

Not to mention a common black canvas shoes, but also has a different from the previous black and white contrast hit color sense. With a very simple shoe design, create a new image. To match the way, almost able to control all the scenes in the day, can be described as classic. Breaking the conventional design concept of shoes, making it not only have the texture of shoes, more known as the finishing touch of the smooth shape of the cut, you can wear freely, but also access to formal occasions. Vividly showing a pair of shoes that some fashion fun. Student shoes casual shoes running shoes; leather and touch elastic material, roller hit color and cushion soles match, to create a young boy can not refuse the trend of shoes. With the beauty of the American style sports wind, so you experience the ultimate comfort and feel the youth of the fashion taste in the streets. Leather men's shoes spring tide shoes; with very unique craftsmanship, the leather material to accept the foot type, highlighting comfort. Which is not only ergonomic, but also into the young boys love hit color and stitching details. There is a fresh and refined, but also very eye-catching.

Shell head men's shoes tidal shoes; using the traditional shoe-making process at the same time, but also to meet the more fashionable style. The main brown has a deep sense and wild type, shell-style toe and high-grade material combination, and further enhance the big shoes style. Soft shoes men leisure stretch cloth; when the boys put on their favorite shoes, will think of the whole body of the dress how to match with the shoes. The face of such a personality gradient soft shoes, with some of the short pants is the best, you can highlight the under armour shoes light of the shoes, fully show personal charm. Woven upper and color intertwined for the whole pair of shoes highlights the distinctive personality. Crochet woven shoes to become one of the reasons for many boys to start. "Coconut" is also regarded as the representative of this style characteristics, increasing popularity.

Bullock carved men's shoes summer; thick bottom and the Bullock pattern although slightly neutral atmosphere, but with more and more boys accept this design, the thick bottom has become commonplace. After all, to enhance the sense of steady at the same time can also become tall and slender. So with the clothing more handy.