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Memories of the students, leisure and comfortable canvas shoes

The weather is so hot, I would like to buy double canvas shoes, ah, mainly do not want to wear last year to buy music shoes, kk, is to find a reason to buy new shoes ah. Speaking of canvas shoes, presumably more is in under armour outlet the student era, it is not even more young, then do not know what is fashionable, is comfortable wearing like. That day to Amway leisurely comfortable canvas shoes, remember the Sentimental students of the times it, ha ha. Tell me really, this pair of shoes I was fancy it toe design, arc hit the color toe, collision has a very sense of hierarchy, in short, under armour discount is a lot more than a simple color. Uppers and shoes are cloth, wearing soft feet still more breathable, summer wear is also very comfortable friends. Thick rubber soles, made a rough geometric texture design, look at the brand under armour womens shoes logo yo, anti-skid wear that is of course friends, the focus is that anytime, anywhere advertising, haha, convinced. Dark blue base, dotted in the side of the white stripes, looking at the fresh color, especially for the spring and summer custom Well, a fresh and cool rush. Thick rubber soles, made a texture design, anti-skid wear, look at the rubber of the upper, black and white hit the color seems a lot of bright, small details of the design is not very careful ah, moved. Uppers and shoes are the cloth of the Kazakhstan, soft and breathable, very comfortable wearing his feet on the da. The difference is the same color of the splicing of the upper, with the white line, humble hit the color, so that your feet flowers ah. Thick rubber soles, made of geometric texture of the design, anti-skid wear and tear to da da.

Just bought a pair of canvas shoes wanted to make it dirty, it is necessary to break the old style, and then with the clothes, that fans fit. Denim of the upper, soft breathable, the feet will not be very hot. Micro-Alice of the toe made a rubber package, anti-collision at the same time simply hit the color appears to be no longer so monotonous friends friends. On this bump full of rubber outsole, want to play slippery has become a difficult thing ah. Shaking the hit color, it is very level, a little exposed socks both visual sense, but also to the original simple color has become bright friends. And then this is the toe friends, curved package, anti-collision without losing the sense of beauty. Thick rubber outsole, flexible and comfortable, made a fine small groove design, is also very anti-slip da.