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Martin boots cleaning and maintenance methods

Martin boots is a kind of boots, winter warm and stylish, many girls like to wear, so how to clean Martin boots? How to maintain Martin boots? Lets come look!

1, the first waste paper into the shoes inside, under armour outlet the surface of the shoes are up, and then holding a toothbrush gently brush the surface of the boot, so the purpose is to remove the dust deposited on the surface of the shoes.

2, take a piece of soft cloth, a small amount of detergent poured on the surface of the cloth, remember not to pour the detergent directly on the surface of the shoes, because the detergent will corrode the surface of the shoes cause stain

3, under armour sale pick up a large piece of cloth Gently boots surface, must be uniform scrub, under the general situation is not easy to uniform upper boots, which requires us to brush gently with a toothbrush, the boots Also get maintenance.

4, and finally with a clean cloth gently wipe the surface of the boots, dry the surface of boots clean, can not have a little stain, this should pay attention to check.

5, the boots on the ventilated shade, do not let the sun, see the surface of the boots clean, and then evenly wipe the shoe surface with shoe polish.

6, and then use some newspaper like waste paper into a group, into the boots, prop up the upper, into the desiccant, you can save it

Martin boots inside cleaning:

Only need to pour liquid laundry detergent inside, then the inside dirty hair soaked in water, gently rubbed his hands, and then gently twist off the water. Remember, do not brush with a brush, rub it by hand, so that it will not damage the villi clean. Finally, use the same secret weapon - hairdryer, so blowing, so that the original fluffy boots restore fluffy. Martin boots how to maintain

Martin boots worn in the maintenance methods

1. It is recommended not to wear the same pair of Martin boots for more than three days in a row. Leather materials for making Martin boots also need to be "rest" in time, and the last or newspaper (knead) can be stuffed into Martin boots when not wearing Martin boots Boots, to prevent the Martin boots due to various factors and the occurrence of deformation.

2. Wear Martin boots must avoid bump, if the Martin boots leather surface is worn, it will affect the wearing effect. Do not wear Martin boots in rainy and snowy days because tiny particles in the rain and snow can cause varying degrees of damage to Martin's booties.

3. For sheepskin, leather Martin boots, clean the oil, do not apply the clean oil directly on the surface of boots, the cleaning agent should be clean and soft cloth and then wipe, so you can avoid the leather surface without leaving any spots!

Martin boots collection and maintenance methods

1. Martin boots in the collection before the need to do a full range of basic care, care steps need not be too complicated, as long as the stains on the surface of the boots clean up, put a layer of shoe polish, shoe polish to be gradually infiltrated into the leather, and then lightly rub the leather with a soft cloth Surface until the leather brightened! Finally, it should be placed in ventilated and dry place for 1-2 days and then placed under armour outlet in the shoe box collection. If the boots stored for a long time, should occasionally come out to breathable, so as not to mold.

2. Martin boots should not be placed in the same storage box with other shoes, should be placed separately. Because of two different materials, different sizes of shoes together, will certainly make the shoes squeeze each other and deformation, affect the effect of wearing again. If you put aside for too long, the shoes will appear difficult to restore the dead fold, not only for their maintenance add trouble, but also increase the difficulty of Martin boots repair! Not worth the candle Martin boots features

Martin boots in the country is divided into two types:

The first is the mechanized manufacturing process; the second is a manual process;

Fake line: those on the market mechanized system with a fake line made of paste on the vamp, fake line of cheap under armour the disadvantage is quite weak, not long after wearing a cracked.

True line: Martin boots are the real hand craft, Martin boots suture is sewn on the surface of the shoes, divided into three layers, the upper surface of the shoe and the middle of the leather sandwich and the soles fit, the shoe's surface Hand-stitched on the leather interlayer and then fit the soles, hand craft so strong.