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Girls, from head to toe to !

Girl is a born beauty of the creatures, remember a child often steal his mother's high heels, dressed in bed sheets and small sisters in bed posing princess, in the street to see the beautiful headdress will walk, shouting called my mother to buy The And then grow up later, to the junior high school, the weekend will make an appointment with friends to go shopping, holding their own pocket money down to a small jewelry store stroll, choose to buy their most favorite that a long time. To the University after each month have their own disposable a living expenses, so the consumption is relatively free a lot, see the clothes like clothes can buy their own, but I found that girls like the degree of love of shoes is not very high, There are so one or two pairs of wild will have to wear and wear. In fact, the shoes are also a very important part of the clothes with it! Good-looking shoes can become the crowning touch, add a lot for the whole person. Do not just pay attention to facial makeup and clothes cheap under armour with pants Oh, girls must make their own from head to toe are beautiful.

Boots must be essential for each of the girls it, especially now autumn and winter is coming, but the boots are very wild products. This boots is very simple, not too much cutting, neat look very atmospheric, and the upper is made of first layer of cowhide, wear very comfortable. British wind is also a small leather shoes with how to fall with a single shoes. With skirts, jeans are OK, brown is relatively lively, black relatively calm introverted, in short, the two colors are very wild friends. Straps of small shoes is more casual wind a little more comfortable and convenient. This shoe is doing pretty good, very comfortable. Daily wear no pressure, under armour womens shoes this straps of small shoes will make the whole person looks more elegant, more quietly introduced shoes, of course, and ultimately can be used throughout the year with a small cheap under armour white shoes, this pair of small white shoes is the shell head And Velcro design, wear more convenient, compared to other small white shoes and more of a trace of the special, walking in the street will not worry about being "hit shoes" friends.