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Fine with high heels too tired feet, thick with a good shoe to wear a good ride

There is no sister and Xiao Bian, like fine heels are very like, but! But can not control Ah, only to see the copies of the. But still do not die Ah, also want to wear high heels! Look at people high heels a step, pedal pedal walking feel a bit more momentum. Fortunately, the designer intimate Ah, for the small series of this fine with the incompetent design of the rough with high heels, and looks too beautiful it Quickly in the fashion circle blowing a burst of rough with the wind, with extremely high gas field occupies the girls' shoe cabinet, coupled with its solid characteristics, walking to more arbitrary, and rough with high heels is also very wild , Whether it is with a skirt, tight pants, wide leg pants can be. Sister, quickly take off the tiring of high heels, to wear thick heels it! Make you beautiful day! Take a look at what Xiaobian recommend it!

Someone else's word buckle in the ankle, it happens not, is the wayward to put the belt on the front decoration. Stretched the vision, look legs more slender, soles are rubber material, do not have to worry about the phenomenon of slippery. This pair of shoes with the heel, there are 5.5 cm, I believe my sister will not have the pressure to wear. Simple and generous design, two-color stitching toe, plus hit the color element, the curve full of beauty. Simple and simple style, highlight the elegant charm of women, shoes, sheepskin fabric is delicate, delicate and soft, wear moisture absorption, do not feel the feeling of stuffy stuffy.

Do not know the sister who wear a single shoe is not followed by always wear a very uncomfortable situation, save the shoes to wear feet! This shoe's leather is very soft, there will be no grinding of the problem there. Uppers with nowadays the most popular side buckle design, double plating will not have faded embarrassment. This pair of coarse heels, can help her sister to deal with all the different occasions, whether it is dating, shopping, work can wear. The upper has a fixed strap, the shoes made of Roman shoes leggings feeling. Black and gray are very temperament, very wild, but also a little sweet atmosphere. This year's hot, tide burst friends grandmother's shoes, grandma shoes is not really grandma wear Oh, because it is too comfortable to wear, so we all call it grandma shoes. Like the retro of the sister must be into a pair of leather material so so will not let the fingers of the heels and then wound covered with wounded posted.

Shoes toe made suede and leather surface stitching, both simple and wild, and very white. In addition to wild color black, there are brown and dark green. Brown white, and dark green is an indispensable color in the retro, if the black shoes too much too ordinary, you can under armour shoes choose dark green Oh, the same is very beautiful.