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Dress with what shoes? Many people are wrong

Dress is delicate beauty, both elegant and playful. After all, so beautiful in spring, with a dress to add points for themselves, is also a romantic thing. But so many dresses, how do you really know with shoes? Dresses of different fabrics, combined with printing or solid color decorate, naturally bring different feelings. Partial sexy skirt, naturally need feminine shoes to take. And if the casual section, shoes have to choose the same youthful bright, take a look at it ~ Lace dresses of the soft, bright and romantic surprise. Natural drooping hem, bringing the beauty of shrinking vision. Then we must choose high-heeled shoes to stretch the leg lines, two-phase backing exceptionally different. The sexy definition of lace, let light gentle wind slowly approached, nude color with high heels to pressure, it is elegant. Girls wear skirts must show a different temperament, this under armour discount aristocratic style dress, pure white fabric beauty is more white and shiny complexion. Large skirt with lace fabric allows you to showcase the elegance of feminine charm. Ordinary style skirts wear more will appear to your whole bland, this dress waist in the waist design, bring out your slender waistline. In the skirt skirt with embroidery patterns, increasing the sense of the level of the skirt at the same time appear to skirt more on the grade.

When girls wear skirts with high heels must be carefully selected, this high-heeled shoes style is very simple, pointed toe will look small and lovely foot in the ankle at the word deduction with pearl as a decoration, Put on the skirt will be Xianqi under armour discount fluttering. High-heeled shoes use high-quality leather, solid color upper will not have the extra decoration will have a unique elegance, shallow mouth design so that you do not have to worry under armour shoes about the crush on the foot can not wear the problem, a metal belt can make shoes style Get sublimation, crush who quickly start it. Sweater under armour sale skirts are relatively simple, some more neat. A slightly straight version of the model, so abstinence and temptation at a capture between the heart. Combined with the freshness of white shoes, poke straight in the soft heart, clean and relaxed nature is not bad, bringing a strong sense of balance. Many girls like to wear sweaters, when you are out on the street when you can choose a loose style pullovers, casual style allows you to go shopping easily with the casual. Long section of the sweater allows you to wear the feeling of skirts, with a pair of white shoes so that you become a goddess of the campus.