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Do not wear high heels, I can make your legs two meters long eight

Speaking of thick shoes, can not help but think of many years ago, loose shoes exaggerated soles of the thickness of many people have a sense of conflict, but because of his save a group of high heels to wear a little tired of those who work and the fire was mess. If you are still immersed in the early years of the residual image of the loose shoes, you do not be afraid, today I cheap under armour came to talk to you how to wear thick shoes will not be the same time, Change disaster, will also bring you want to let you re-ignite the love of the loose shoes. First of all, the thickness of the selection is very important to a reasonable height can stretch the leg lines will not appear too heavy, especially to the autumn and winter a little "honest" thick shoes but to balance the overall sense. Followed by a match, choose a favorite of the loose cheap under armour shoes, take really really will be soil, how to take? With pants is my wall recommended to wear one of the law, through the trousers cover soles, cleverly created a surface cloud clear wind, in fact, there are heaven and earth, who do not know how high you in the end And nine length of self-cultivation jeans with, revealing the ankle is also very good to see, upper body a capable style of the suit, simple and neat with gas field, even if the commute to work, it is also appropriate.

And thick-soled shoes and autumn and winter that the shape of the coat is really with a look, if you use thin high with the long autumn, there is always a head-on feeling. Can be replaced by thick shoes, the ratio is very comfortable friends. Like autumn and winter to wear thick shoes, a high degree of grasp is also very important, do under armour sale not be too high, too high shoes, if not high heels, you will lose balance.