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Cold wind struck, flat boots put the trend of personality

Autumn and boots with Oh, with windbreaker or motorcycle jacket not only gas field, and the degree of fashion also raised a lot of it As we fall and winter with the daily, short boots do not have to take the knee, but enough warm, not only can stretch the lower body proportion, but also to instantly doubled the gas field, no matter how you can wear clothing fashion personality look, absolutely eye. cheap under armour The upper PU leather fabric is treated into the original retro leather texture, a clear texture and pores, feels a rough feel. Polished round full of tall and straight, more inclusive feet, bring a comfortable foot feeling. Fashion trendy tassel design, simple but not simple, give you not the same charm; comfortable and solid with the design, fashion out of the street, reflecting the elegant temperament. Fashionable trench design elements, fine cheap under armour craft, hand stitch reinforcement, the feet are very comfortable; leather inside, sweat, not grinding feet, breathable soft and comfortable; tendon outsole, with good toughness, flexibility and good resistance Grinding.

With matte leather fabric, delicate and soft material, comfortable and durable, durable, easy to take care; inside breathable and comfortable, sweaty sweat strong, do not cover their feet; soles with along the design and bold fishing line artificial fixed process, an increase of beauty At the same time, so that shoes durable wear High-elastic fiber composite, high strength, thin and flexible, soft and smooth, breathable; simple design style, there are handsome rivet decoration, simple atmosphere, yet yet fashion sense; comfortable rough with , Walking no pressure on the shopping, the feet are very temperament. The use of eclectic design, the original smooth neat appearance of the fold into a fold shape, an increase of the three-dimensional boots, giving visual impact, it is memorable; fashion comfortable last type, rich ethnic nature, seems to be Hear the ringtone around the ankle. Round head designed to meet the female foot type, charming arc tightly attached to the foot, so that the feet look slender slender, reflecting the moving charm; delicate supple inside, heavy warm no longer fear the cold invasion, reduce the friction with the footsteps of the skin, Always give gentle care. Comfortable shoes on the feet without burden, and because it is really good ride Casual wind clothes can be used to wear, Lady ladies wind clothes, can also be used to do with the eye contact. Shopping, party, wear all day will not be tired, there will be no sense of the informal.