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Canvas shoes so classified, you know?

Thick plastic base, canvas, lace, all-round ankle canvas can be described as the whole canvas shoes in the kingdom of the classic, it has become a canvas shoes this kind of commodity "business card". And this style design as a classic design is a classic "newspaper cloth." High canvas shoes quite satisfactory, set young, trendy, simple, casual and other canvas shoes in a distinctive feature, for a long time, has been the world's most canvas shoes lovers wearing the traditional style. Because it has from the plain to the color, plaid, special pattern of rich fabrics, and all the fabric, half cloth, rubber head, leather and other design, make it both with trousers, shorts, skirts, skirts can Comfortable with. Low canvas shoes are also known as "slippery shoes" and "lazy shoes", because even if the lace is only loose loose to bind up, shoelaces more features just lying on the upper pendulum gesture Of the "vase", lazy people are free to wear shoes with feet only shoes, without having to bend over. Low canvas shoes in the match also worry and effort, almost anything can take, and do not pick people, long legs crush can wear it, short legs crush it can be very beautiful. With the help of canvas shoes, low to help canvas shoes more young and lively, more exercise relaxed, more free and lovely. Different color shoes, different color shoelaces with low to help canvas shoes to add the "most changes" footnote, a "patent."

Velcro canvas shoes are called "lazy shoes" convenient, Velcro canvas shoes do not need complicated Department of shoelaces, gently a post under armour discount just fine, for us to save a lot of time. Magic buckle also has a beautiful design, looks both beautiful and under armour sale convenient. Gaotong canvas shoes from the design of military boots. High canvas shoes high to the calf of the neck can be better covered with legs, modified more legs and small lines. Boots style to join the leisure canvas shoes to bring a cool different kind of feeling. However, the small cartoon canvas shoes from the small atmosphere is derived from it is very picking, legs enough long enough, bone enough to wear, otherwise it will be self-defeating. Gaotong canvas shoes with neutral, handsome skirt to send the main, to completely reveal the design of shoes. Hand-painted shoes, also known as graffiti shoes, painted shoes. Is based on the original color of finished shoes on the basis of the shoes according to the style, fabric and customer hobbies, the artist on the upper hand painted with a special hand painted paint exquisite, personalized picture, without affecting the use of shoes on the basis of the addition of its Observability. A pair of shoes on the screen, it can be cartoon cartoon, real sketch, can also be a landscape, pattern or decorative patterns; can be accompanied by the text of the story, it can be the customer's own love picture plus the truth confession.As long as you can paint, Basically can be presented on the upper. Simply put, the upper hand with a hand-painted picture of the shoes called hand-painted shoes. Canvas and pigment fusion is not easy to fade, so that hand-painted canvas shoes become possible, they quickly developed. More enriched the contents of canvas shoes culture.

Baker shoes, also known as canvas shoes! Designers use the scientific principles, Baker shoes according to the Chinese foot type and increased demand for Baker shoes were improved, using the latest thermoplastic elastomer material soles, feet comfortable, and the weight is only the original high shoes 1/5, Ordinary increase in shoes 1/3, even wear the movement still feel no burden. On the other hand, with the dynamic shoes and personalized fashion uppers, high Baker once listed, it has been sought after by countless young people, quickly pushed to the forefront of China's trend, the industry as "the first wave Shoes, the appearance of the advantages of the canvas shoes, very popular with the young family! Will be a pair of white canvas shoes side by side, the upper side of the skirt used to draw .When the walker, can tease passers-by to chase, People are sought after, is one of the popular trends, with the figure to speak, people also called it: shoes body graffiti and similar to the couple shirt, but the couple pattern moved to the canvas shoes.

Anti-static canvas shoes with conductive material PVC or PU foam material production soles, anti-static canvas shoes and the upper one forming, and then on-line reinforcement. Can effectively release static electricity, together with the anti-static clothing together constitute a complete anti-static system. Static shoes smart light, soles in the middle of anti-static EVA, ease foot pressure, more soft and comfortable, fabric: canvas / conductive silk / T / C fabric. Finished shoes overall beautiful, and strong, non-slip, with excellent wear resistance (5 times higher than ordinary soles), more environmentally friendly. Is selling the world's high-quality electrostatic shoes.

Features: can lead to human body electrostatic charge, shoes do not precipitate dust, can be more effective dust anti-static