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Can you have a skirt with a pair of trousers?

Canvas shoes with pants: from the size of the pants, canvas shoes are more wild, whether it is trousers, pants, pants, shorts or hot pants, can be bold to try, but the pants should be suitable for the length Their legs long, if it can make you concave long legs, then this pair of pants with canvas shoes is relatively OK. From the pants style, the canvas shoes are more suitable for casual pants with Oh, especially with jeans, youthful bursting! And then sub-point, it is recommended with small feet jeans, because this pants are very thin legs, but also to modify the legs line! From the color of the pants, the darker pants fit with light canvas shoes, but if your canvas shoes pattern, bright colors, then the pants should choose a simple style, lighter color style.

Canvas shoes with clothes: 1, the same color with the rules. The law requires deep and shallow with, with the dark with the match, for example, MM if you wear wine red canvas shoes, it is recommended with the same color in the light red clothes, this will make the overall shape of a little more soft and elegant. 2, similar to the color match the rule. The law refers to two relatively close to the color match, such as yellow and grass green with purple and red with orange and yellow with. 3, strong color with the rules. This means that the two distant colors match, such as yellow canvas shoes with purple clothes, red canvas shoes with green clothes, the color of the collision to bring a strong visual impact, can give people a bright feeling. 4, complementary color with the rules. Complementary colors with two relative colors, such as red and green, green and orange, black and white, complementary color with the biggest feature is the contrast between the upper and lower colors, which canvas shoes and clothes black and white is clearly canvas Shoes wear in the eternal classic.

Canvas shoes can be equipped with skirt: the answer is "yes", canvas shoes not only with the pants to force, with the skirt is beautiful do not want. Here are several canvas shoes often take the classic skirt as an example: 1, canvas shoes with long skirt. Long skirt with canvas shoes will let your feet have swaying wind feel, long dress enchanting charming, and simple with the canvas shoes is appropriate. But canvas shoes heel most not high, short MM is not recommended with a long skirt 2, canvas shoes with short skirts. Small skirt sexy cute, but also reveal your slender legs, so if you want to show their proud body, then put shorts into a small skirt it! 3, canvas shoes with tight skirt. Although the skirt is a sharp weapon, but it is not a mature line under armour discount of MM's patent Oh, tight skirt with simple canvas shoes, you can also make you step by step brilliance. In addition to the above three classic skirt, the canvas shoes can also be used with the same color skirt, small floral skirt, etc., as long as you can make your temperament more revealing, you can have a try!