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A pair of happy canvas shoes

Memory, the most like to wear canvas shoes when the student age, when the canvas shoes accompanied by the pace of our growth, witnessed our growth and maturity. Growing up after a variety of shoes dazzling, but always some time, will think of a pair of hiding in the corner, the appearance is not surprising canvas shoes, whim, wearing it to step on the green, shopping, is also a free Free of pleasure. Canvas shoes are our never legs of youth, age is long, the mood is changing, but the memory of youth is stored in the mind. In a sunny day, put down the burden, forget the work and tasks, only the most relaxed of their own, wearing the most simple solid color canvas shoes, walking in the beautiful scenery, enjoy the loose time.

A little cute, a little bit of canvas shoes, hand-painted printed fish kiss fish is very kawai, this canvas shoes most suitable for you, wear out the share of youthful vitality, fashion and well-behaved, in many occasions can be dressed, Shopping, travel, work, small but eye. Canvas shoes will not let you have too much burden, easy to wear and enjoy the most comfortable to wear, on the other hand, its price will never be out of reach, always to the price for the first. It is also evolving, the shoes were a clever design, walking between the steps will ripple up yo! Love to wear shoes, love the share of comfortable and comfortable, compared with leather, canvas has a better permeability, the skin is also no stimulation, enjoy the convenience of easy to wear. After get off work time, take off the tooling and high heels, put on T-shirts and canvas shoes, return to the real oneself. This classic style canvas shoes, before no under armour shoes less wear, seemingly flat, but in fact there are increased design, high to help, with the lace to be decorated and fixed, to maintain its always high cold personality posture, zipper added to add Metal texture, a little more personality.

Canvas shoes deduction, is the most simple happy, simple life, contains endless fun. It is also a simple design line, flat, not surprisingly shoe body, add a little lace decorations, this design a few years ago, but now wear on the feet, but still look fashionable. Of course, simplicity does not mean that no change is needed. For the canvas shoes to add a little element, you can become more modern, such as this paragraph Leopard, around the soles of the lap, the fashionable release, compared to the one also appears to be more publicity, how to choose to see yourself The slightest.