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4 hazards of wearing platform shoes - women's shoes do not know the secret

Many beauty-loving women like to wear platform shoes, but in fact, the platform shoes are also a lot of harm! Absolutely not an alarmist, medical experts have pointed out that platform shoes are not good for women's health. Do not believe? Let take a look at some experts鈥?arguments.

The hazards of platform shoes 1

Although it looks playful, platform shoes do not meet the biomechanical characteristics of human sports. It raises the body's physical center of gravity, making it easier for the body to stand up and move, causing the body to fall out of the sole area.

The hazards of platform shoes 2

When a person wears thin-soled shoes, the landing of the heel and the toe squatting off the ground are real, and the platform under armour discount shoes easily generate a force. On rougher roads, this component is easier to overcome. Once the friction on the ground is very small, this component force will cause the foot to slide back and the foot to slide forward, causing a person's split-type wrestling.

The hazards of platform shoes 3

Put on the platform's "pumpkin shoes" because its sole is a flat surface, which makes the arch lose under armour shoes its stable function when the human body walks. Therefore, it can easily turn when walking fast or on the steps. And wear it can not be a long, long-distance walking, under armour outlet because the loss of the foot arch of the elastic buffer effect, easy to feel tired feet.

The hazards of platform shoes 4

What's worse is that umpkin shoes?will affect the growth and development of young girls' bone joints, resulting in abnormal bow formation. Wearing a long time can cause chronic strain and loss of calcium in the periosteum. It is prone to fatigue fracture, resulting in many inconveniences and some difficulties. The sequelae of cure.